Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Les Miserables

     Smelling old books. That is a big part of being a book addict, not only because of the sniffing act but also because it is something you wouldn't do in public, maybe only in the presence of other fellow addicts. In fact, you will probably be sharing the book among yourselves for a sniffing/sharing/bonding experience.

     I don't own or have access to many old books, and that's why my 1953 paperback edition of Les Miserables is a precious commodity. I came by it at a used books kiosk by the river in the City of Lights. You can imagine what kind of romanticism that adds to the whole  sniffing thing!

     After money and drug swapped hands I was excited to go online and check what kind of bargain I had landed. Turns out, a pretty darn good one, and although I can make more than a 500% profit on these babies (the book is in four volumes), the warm spicy aroma of the fragile yellow-turning-brown paper is worth a lot more. I also can't put a price on the rush I feel knowing that I own such a piece from what to me is a faraway land shrouded in romance and history. I can't put a price on it for now at least. Who knows what will happen when if I need the money? You know how it is with addicts, they always need something to feed the habit.   

My name is Mohammed, and I'm a book addict.

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