Tuesday, 4 June 2013

That moment when you feel,,,Aha!

   "Aha! I'm not alone!", a feeling I'm sure you've had probably more than once in your life when you came across something you read or something you heard that proved you are in fact not the only weirdo on earth. Better yet, you are not a weirdo at all. Others do exist! And then you even might have gotten the idea that if you and your kind all bunch up together maybe you could rule the world and take over the reigns of power and....

   Sorry, I got carried away! But seriously, these Aha! moments come to us when we realize that some of our quirky traits, or some of the things that make us who we are and for which we have been constantly criticized all our lives are not mistakes or flaws that we need to remedy, but are just part of who we are and there are reasons for it and others share these traits and reasons for having them with us, we just hadn't realized it yet, not until that Aha! moment I'm talking about. And let me add, in case you are in your teens and you feel that everything you do or say gets you more and more rejected by the "cool crowd", do not worry, your Aha! moment has just not come to you yet, and believe me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, no one is.

   So, what was my Aha moment? I have had quite a few lately, however I do want to talk to you about a couple of the most important and most recent ones. The first was when I came across the definition of Introversion and Extroversion and the realization that being an introvert was the cause of my condition,ah, sorry, was the reason behind many of my character traits. The second was an even bigger moment. That was when I came across the definition of The Scanner Type Personality and it's opposite, The Specialist Type Personality, and all the various and accurate examples that explained the remainder of my traits that were causing me to be depressed since I thought I was flawed and should try to change them, which of course I never could do.

   In future posts, I will get into the details of what each of these things, being and introvert and a scanner, mean to me and what they might mean to you. 

   Please share with us any of your similar moments and what that meant to you and to the way you viewed yourself. Stay tuned for more about introverts and scanners, maybe reading these posts would bring about an Aha moment for you!

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