Saturday, 1 June 2013

Screw it! If I'm crazy, so are you.

     It's Saturday already. For some of us this is a good thing if the weekend is just starting, for others, such as myself the weekend is in its twilight hours and for some poor souls the new week has already started. So in the hope that these posts are reaching all of you I wish you will enjoy, are enjoying or have enjoyed a happy and energizing weekend.

     In my last post I promised to share my first piece of writing that stands as a testament to how angry my writing,and thoughts for that matter can sometimes get. Here is the piece. I hope you find it a fun and interesting read and I hope you would share with us some of your early writing whether angry or not!
     Let me know what you think. Here goes nothing!

            Screw it! If I'm crazy, so are you

     "Let's take a second here to be really honest with ourselves. How many times have you dreamed of walking into the office where you work in the morning and just walk up to your coworkers and tell them what you REALLY think of them? Might be good, might be bad, but it sure is the truth, maybe you even would like to drop by your boss's office too. 
   You probably also get the urge to knock on your loud and noisy next door neighbor, with whom you've tried to reason politely many times, asking him to stop making so much noise at night, but this time you just want to punch him in the face and just walk away.

   And my personal favorite, is wanting to take a baseball bat and smash the hell out of cars. Starting with the one that is usually parked next to mine in the garage because the driver rarely keeps to his assigned space and always constantly makes my life hell trying to get in or out of my car, not to mention wiping my clothes against his door every time I get in or out of my car.

   The list of fantasies goes on and on, and I bet we've all had them at one time in our lives. The idiot driver in the street, the annoying receptionist, the rude relative, all those people and all those times in our lives that create what society has come to call STRESS.

   The annoying part is that we have to look for ways to RELIEVE the stress, but why do we let it accumulate in the first place? Why do we have to play by the rules? We all like breaking the rules. True, that might create chaos, but if we all break the rules, then we can just create new rules, rules that say you can say or do what you want, when you want it. I'm not saying we should live like animals, don't get me wrong. Be polite, but once someone is not, kick them in the face. Try to correct someone when they make a mistake , but if they keep insisting that they are this age's Einstein or are as wise as Confucius, just tell them they are idiots and it is a miracle their kind has not yet become extinct. Why should you and I abide by the rules that make us civil if that other guy won't? Why should you nod and smile when someone is insisting that they are right when everyone in the room knows they are wrong just because that guy's status outranks everyone else. Why should we take a deep breath and go on our ways when we see someone in a parking lot taking up two spaces just because they learned to drive at Idiots School or because they just don't give a damn about anyone else, while in fact we both know that what we want to do is wait till that guy is back to his car, grab him and rhythmically bang his head against the wall like a basketball?!

   We all have to talk in a certain way and eat in a certain way. We have to look and appear a certain look. We all have to work hard to earn more money to secure better financial futures and keep up with crap every second of every day of our lives because if we don't, if we say what we want, if we eat what we want, if we don't want to be skinny, if we don't want to save for the future, if we just quit a crappy job, or punch an irritating bastard in the face, we will be called CRAZY.

   You know what, I have a long list of people I want to punch, a list of people I want to tell they are idiots and a whole lot others I just want to get my revenge on and I sure as hell wish to live my life just like my fantasies, and I believe we are crazy for living the way we do. I don't believe one is crazy for breaking the rules or changing them. I believe one is crazy for following the existing rules.

   So be that as it may, if everything I said makes me crazy, then SCREW IT, I am crazy. But look me in the eye and tell me you're not"

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