Saturday, 21 September 2013

What Do Writers Have In Common?

     What do writers have in common? Well, they procrastinate. We covered that in a previous post. But what happens after arranging and rearranging their work spaces; sharpening all their pencils and cleaning all the buttons on their keyboards with an ear bud? After all the research is done and all the coffee is drunk and too many bathroom breaks have been taken that people will start to get suspicious, what all writers invariably do is that they sit down and write. And when they do, they change the world one small piece at a time.

     The fact is that no matter how frequent (or infrequent) a writers write, they always come back to their papers; keyboards; or typewriters. And that tells me that the most important thing writers have in common is that they are optimists.

     People are different, and so are writers (they are people too you know!). Some may be more optimistic than others. Some may be more PESSIMISTIC than others. However, even the most pessimistic writer still continues to write.

     It's true that most writers are prone to depression (who wouldn't be after getting a dozen or so rejections saying that the work dearest to your heart; the one you've been pouring over for the past two years, is "not publishable"). Yet despite the rejections, writers write. Despite the depression, writers write. Some may write happy endings and others write sad ones. Some create hopeful stories and others create dark ones. Some make up stories and others write about real life. No matter what it is they write, whether it's on paper or a keyboard, all writers wish that one day their words will be read and that they will make a difference. The journey of writing always has a scent of optimism clinging to it.

     So, there you have it. What do writers have in common?

     They hope, they dream and they write.

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