Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How I became an addict - part 3


     After the rush of that first book, I was hooked. But I was still a little reluctant to take the plunge because I knew I was at the threshold of what could potentially change my life forever. At that stage of becoming an addict, an addict of anything for that matter, you usually are more entranced with the excitement and exhilaration that your new habit brings rather than the consequences and implications. I was no exception to that rule.

     The next book I bought was a thriller; a trade paperback. It was around 400 pages long at that was the longest book I would have ever read in my life at that time. I flew threw its pages. It's language was easy so that helped. It was like trying a new drug and being given the smooth, rookie stuff before going hard core. I was relocating to another country at that time and that book accompanied me on the plane and I vividly remember the first nights in the hotel I was put up in with that book drugging my mind with a world and an adventure that kept me from focusing on the pain of being thousands of miles away from my family for the first time.

     A month later my wife joined me and the pain of separation was gone but the habit had been established and I needed my daily dose of words no matter what was going on around me.

My name is Mohammed, and I'm a book addict.

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