Friday, 27 March 2015

Can you really shut down your brain?


     I really must admit at the get go that I do not claim to be 

able to actually answer any of these questions, nor am I going to cite any studies or official sources of information on this subject or any other subject I bring up for that matter. I can only claim, and promise this, that I will try to speak of these topics from a personal point of view, out of personal experience, hoping that maybe you, or someone else out there, will come across it and think "someone out there is feeling the same as me and I am not alone".

     You will probably say that in this day and age and with the all encompassing existence of the internet no one still feels they are alone, no matter how rare, or weird for that matter, whatever it is they are experiencing may be. Well, true and not true. True because, Duh! I can't deny a fact like that, but not true because I believe in two things: one, that with everything on the internet brining everyone closer and connecting those who used to think they were lonely islands in the world, there was someone who started writing about it or posting about it or whatever about it at some point. Not only that, but people with a certain interest in a certain topic continue to post stuff about it. No one has ever reached a point regarding any topic on earth and said, "Oh, I guess there's enough of that out there. Let's declare this topic closed or on hold till further notice."
Just look at all the porn out there. Not that I know of it myself, but people talk.

     The second thing I believe in with regards to this point is that maybe my post, my meagre little two cents on the subject turn out to be the post that you read from among all the heaps out there. Maybe my words strike the chord and you can make that connection you were longing for and that brought you here in the first place. And yes, I do believe my words can have that effect. Well, not really, but I kind of hope so.

     So, to sum up, there are loads of stuff out there already on almost any and all topics. Someone started it and people have never stopped since despite the enormous information already out there. So I will also continue to add to the pile. And despite the pile being humungous, my words could be the needle and you could be the lucky one to find it in the haystack.

     Now that being said, you may wonder when I will begin dazzling you with my unprecedented insights and heart-felt words, and gut-wrenching prose that will bestow upon you the epiphany of your life?

     Well, I already have. You see, the topic is, Can You Really shut down your brain? And the five previous paragraphs you've been wading to until now are the answer to that question, No, you can't really shut down your brain. No matter what you do, your brain will continue to think and come up with ideas words and images that can be world-changing or in other cases, like what I have just been writing and you have just read.

     So, before you curse me or throw something at your screen and before you start sending hate messages to me on Facebook or Twitter (I won't mind it by the way, I am desperate for attention), hear me out. If I, since I cannot get to shut down my brain, have taken these past few minutes from your life and have had the audacity to type out these words and post them to waste the time of unassuming poor souls such as yourself, then you might as well do the same. I know you can't shut down your brain either (the title did grab your
attention after all), and now you are either so angry at me, or so amused by my wit, or so impressed by my abilities, in all cases, now is the best time for your to pull out a fresh page and take it out on the world!

You are, after all, unable to shut down your brain, might as well
lay it down on the world, because when you do, I'm quite sure you will send into the world something better than what you've just read, and maybe, just maybe, you can actually get to make a difference.

2nd March, 2015
On an airplane to Dubai.

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