Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blogger for the first time!

     Stay calm and write something. That's the best advice I came by in a long time. Stay calm and READ something, now that's a motto I have been living by for some time now, but I only discovered the beauty of writing very recently, and it was the literal meaning of this motto "stay calm and write something" that lead me to this magnificent discovery.

     You know how you daydream of beating the living crap out of someone whose making your life miserable because society will "frown upon it" if you actually do? Call me crazy but I know you've had these thoughts too, even if they just come to you in the form of NIGHT dreaming instead of DAY dreaming. In any case, I checked, I am not crazy and neither are you, it's just called venting. And one of the best ways to do that is to literally STAY CALM and WRITE SOMETHING. So I did. And it helped. A LOT!

     So one thing led to another one piece of writing led to the next and one journal entry after another, an attempt which I failed to maintain for unknown reasons, I, like many others who take up writing, started to get vain and see the absolute beauty and hear the mesmerizing music in my prose and decided that I am the next big hit in the literary world. See how I used "mesmerizing" back there??

     However, after getting some tough-love feedback from very capable and honest writers and non-writers alike, I was told that using writing as a venting tool to stay calm is extremely valuable advice. And the other valuable advice that I need is to come down from my cloud and realize that I just took a shot at writing a couple of month ago. And that one of the best ways to write, as a tool for therapy and also as practice to get better and get instant feedback, is to start a blog.

     Eventually, I sat myself down and created this blog as a place to write down my thoughts on everything and anything that moves me in a good way, or bad. As long as I stay calm when I write something I will continue to write and I hope it will be good for you to read it. 

     For my next post I will be sharing something about the beauty of words and reading. In the meantime, I hope you too would Stay Calm and Write Something, or at least read something. My suggestion, you can start by reading this Blog!


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