Thursday, 30 May 2013

Angry Young Men

     In the 2012 movie THE WORDS, starring Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons, Bradley Cooper's character was a struggling writer living in New York and trying to write his breakthrough novel. At one point, broke and newly married, he took on a job in a big New York publishing house in order to support himself and his small family and at the same time make the proper connections to help him out as he works at night on his novel. So, at that publishing house he meets another guy working there for the same reason and in a brief encounter on screen they ask each other "what kind of writing do you do?" and they both answer "mostly angry young men, I guess".

     This made me realize that "Angry Young Men" is the same kind of writing I started out with too. And so I reflected on some of the first pieces I wrote when I got that advice I told you about, Stay Calm and Write Something. I tried starting journals, but for some reason the only thing I got out of it was a drawer filled with partially-filled notebooks of various designs and sizes according to the mood I was in when I purchased them. Then I moved on to writing NOTES on Facebook, which was not bad actually and helped a lot when people started commenting on these Notes which made me feel good to know that other people go through similar things or at least understand and empathize with what I was writing about.

     I might still be writing "angry young men". I'll leave that for you to decide. I would like to believe that my writing has evolved even if just a tiny bit since then and although I am still using writing as a therapeutic tool and to stay calm, I believe the subjects themselves are becoming more mature and interesting. Or at least that's what I hope in order for this blog to not crash and burn! However, the very first piece I wrote as a Note on Facebook will always remain as the clearest example of my writing about "Angry Young Men".

     For my next post I will share with you that piece, but I would like to hear about your examples of early writing. Was it also angry young men/women? or was it something else. Please share your experiences and let's be ANGRY and YOUNG together! Or we could just STAY CALM AND WRITE SOME MORE.

     I will be looking forward to reading and sharing your comments. See you next time.


  1. Well done with the title :)

    I think that all going around us should make you angry i had a similar experience with my job and i reflected the suffer in the form of short stories ...

    Another angry writer is here :)

    So I find writing as a way to communicate with your inner deeper self gives you the ability to clarify your thoughts polish them meditate in a diffrent way ..

    I think that's why we angry men and women will find writing a good way to relax and cool down :)

    1. Thanks for sharing Farrag. What you are saying is sort o the essence of the next article I will post. I think you read it before on Facebook. It's like you said, too many annoying things and you always have to "adapt" and play by the rules. I'm not suggesting to break the rules, but break the heads of those who do break the rules :) or come up with a new set of rules!
      If it's ok with you, how about sharing some of your writing

    2. Unfortunatley all my writings are in arabic ..but i will leave links if arabic readers are interested ..

      But i have a question ..why you don't blog in arabic ?

    3. It's just that I feel more comfortable expressing myself in English at moment, because I read a lot in English, but in Arabic I wouldn't be competent enough to write in formal Arabic "Fos7a", and I don't like writing in colloquial Arabic.