Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Words

The Words

The written word carries upon its breeze a magic that has never failed to capture those who have exposed themselves to its secrets. It's a magic that is imbued with the experiences and feelings of the men and women who poured parts of their lives into those words, and you can be so lucky to be able to soak up these experiences, share these feelings and make them your own. That is how and why the art of reading is an art that could take you on journeys through vast valleys and over high mountains, to cities you have never visited and to explore your own city through different eyes, to board rooms with the world's greatest CEOs, and to the corners of the human psyche, all in a matter of minutes or hours and brings you back to the comfort of your chair, only to realize that you have emerged from those pages a changed person, a more experienced person, a better person.
Many of us have been swept away by the rapid tides of modern day life to an extent that sitting down, and taking such journeys through the pages of a book, has become a great challenge no one can deny. Yet modern day life has brought us tools to help overcome that challenge even if only just a little bit. E-reading devices, tablet computers, smart phones and even audio-books, are all different media available today for us to use to compensate for the difficulty of not being able to find the time to sit down with "man's best friend".
All these tools are perfectly portable so that you can squeeze in the time for that magical breeze of the written word every now and then. Yet it will always remain one of life's greatest joys when you reach out your hand to grab and turn over the last page of a great book.
Choose to read fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or thrillers, read about business, about people who did your job before you and learn what they learned and get ahead of the game. Read a good book or a bad book, just rest assured that someone, somewhere, sometime, had learned a lesson and were willing to share that lesson with you, and all it takes is for you to be willing to listen to their words carried to you on a magical breeze, through space and time.

Keep a good book beside your bed, even if all you get is to read a couple of pages before you fall asleep, you will always know that you have a good friend to talk to every night, a good friend who, with every page, will always teach you something different, and will always help you become a better person.
We all have different jobs and each has its own art that one needs to learn in order to be better at it, but the art of reading is one art we all need to learn if we want to become a better version of ourselves.
We all have a vision of a better us, better at work, better at home, and if you think this is as good as it gets, if you think you have done all there is to be done, surrender to the magical breeze of the written word, listen to its whispers and you shall be amazed at how far you can still reach and how high you can still go.

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