Friday, 13 May 2016

A Life in Pieces

A life in pieces

Birth. Screaming. Washed. Suckling for the first time.
Tiny outfits. Small bathtub. Small bed. Small everything.
Colours. Sounds. Faces. Mum and Dad.
Tongue. Tastes. Hands grabbing. Legs kicking. All fours, crawling.
Standing up. Cheering. Falling down. Laughter. Hugs. Happiness. Safety.

Noises. Repeated. Repeated. Repeated.
Same noises. Copied, imitated. Mum happy. Dad proud.
Little plastic humans. Little plastic animals. Little plastic everything. A miniature life.
Stuffed cartoon people. Stuffed cartoon animals. Stuffed cartoon everything. A soft life.
“Stop!”, “Don’t!”, “Watch out!”. A safe life.

Uniforms. Desks. Boards.
Books. Pencils. Tests.
Parents. Teachers. Coaches.
“Don’t!”, “Stop!”, “Watch out!”. A proper life.

Shouting. Crying. Sulking. Shouting. Banging. Screaming. Sulking. Talking, talking, talking.
Heart quickening. Stomach twisting. Life brightening.
Heart breaking. Stomach retching. Life over.

Choose. Decide. Produce.
Make money. Make a family. Make up your mind.
Married. Single. Tied. Free. Job. No job. Career. No career.
Confusion. Envy. Not happy.
Birth. Screaming. Tired. Holding your baby the first time.
Happiness, hope, the future.
Family. Responsibility.
Safety. Security.
Blood pressure. Cholesterol. No salt.

Counting. Waiting. Looking back.
Tired. Weak. Exhausted.
Tongue, not tasting. Hands, twisted. Legs not moving.
People gathering. Blanket pulled up. Crying
Gently. Being respectful.
Silence. Blackness. Space.
Seeing? Hearing? Sensing?
Here, or not? Gone, or not?

What is this?


  1. What a fantastic way of looking at the life journey Mohamed.
    The scary thing is the journey passes so fast and every day brings us closer to the last line

    What is this!??

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Dr.Nader. I'm really glad you picked up on the part of how quick life passes. I also was trying to convey the feeling that among all the chaotic details of our individual lives, it is basically the same feelings we share.

      Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed it.

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  3. A fantastic way of looking at the life journey indeed.
    The important thing is to make the journey matter and count before that inevitable unavoidable last line

    Thanks for sharing such excellent reminder Mohammed as the Prophet Muhammad APPBbuh advised us to frequently mention the destroyer of pleasures (death) subhanAllah you know i've been viewing death-related youtube videos whose links i've been sharing on my FB wall so you're welcome to view...

    1. I'm very glad that you liked it and that it invoked such feelings in you.
      Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you so very much. We're but a bunch of moments with the clock counting & the time ticking down since the moment we wer born. We're all on the same ''boat'', it is ultimately the same phases we experience.

    Many thanks. Much much appreciated.