Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Down The Rabbit Hole


     A while back, a few months to be, well not exact, but to narrow it down a little, I stumbled upon this thing called Coaching.

     Don't worry, this is not about coaching per se, nor will I try to sell you on the idea. That's something I'll do in another post if you're interested. What this is about is the Rabbit Hole, that crazy little passageway that Alice falls down and finds herself in the crazy Wonderland. If you haven't read the famous story, just like I haven't, go ahead and do read it, just like I plan to do, because it's awesome. And it's crazy and crazily fun. At least that's what I heard. More importantly, you'll understand what I'm trying to say here.

     A really big part of this coaching thing, a really big part of growth, progress, and getting to know oneself, is awareness. Self-awareness. Looking inside. And that's where the Rabbit Hole lies.

     Over the past few months, I've been doing this a lot. I had been doing it for as far back as I can remember, but recently I have been equipped with better ways, more constructive ways, for doing it. Sometimes it's great, I get curious, I go deeper, and the layers peel away and epiphanies happen. Maybe not epiphanies epiphanies, but the word 'epiphanies' just sounds sophisticated and gives an air of importance to the topic. An impression I need to make on you right before I take you down the Rabbit Hole.

     At other times, if I am not careful, the journey; the digging and diving or what have you, takes a turn to the dark side, the twisty treacherous winding inner world of self-doubt and fears, which is pretty much your garden variety subconscious of almost every living person on the planet.

     Believe it or not, when I started writing this thing I was pretty sure where I was going with it and what I wanted to say, but since I got interrupted a few times, now I have no idea how to close it; you know that neat nice little wrap up where you get to go away with a deep and enriching life lesson, or at least where you get a good laugh out of the whole thing. Well that's apparently not going to happen this time. Sorry, but please do come back for more.

     Before you throw your laptop or whatever smart device your reading this on or throw something at your screen, hold on. I might have something for you.

     You see, the reason I lost track of my thoughts is because I didn't plan this post, I began writing it on impulse, picturing myself like those really bright writers who get a flood of ideas from their muse and just go at it. And without a plan I easily got sidetracked. But here's the thing, the reason I wanted to write on impulse is because I wanted to write something authentic. The reason I wanted to write something authentic is because I wanted it to resonate with people. The reason I wanted it to resonate with people is because I wanted it to get more attention; likes and shares, you know, the currency of emotions of the 21st century. Why would I want more likes and share? Is the fact that I am admitting that I want more likes and shares a way to get more likes and shares? And still the question remains, why?

     You see, that's how you start going down the Rabbit Hole. So beware. And if you haven't read the book about Alice, let me tell you, she comes out again, eventually. So, see you on the other side.

     Oh, by the way, there's another book about Alice where she goes back in.

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