Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Secret: The Law of Attraction

Update: Please read this and keep it mind as you read the original post, then link it to the NOTE I left at the bottom.

 "اعقلها وتوكل"
muslims know what this means and for non-muslims or non-Arabic speakers it is translated roughly into, (prepare and then have faith.)

I'm writing this and I trust it will find its way to the right people who either need to read it or will help me understand it more.

The first time I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne I was not a fan. In fact I hated it. I now realize that I was not ready to for it yet. My impulse at this moment is to tell you that this post will contain talk of things that you could deem to mushy and touchy-feely but I will not say it. Then again, I just did. Anyway, if you feel compelled to continue reading, know that I too, in this moment, am feeling compelled to write for you. And here is my question:

If our thoughts are the starting point of manifesting anything and everything into physical existence, then what do we do about books and TV? And by TV I mean movies, good movies, the artistic, really deep and thought-provoking type, and also TV series. These two buckets of...stuff, I really like and consume a lot of, but now I am thinking, if I want to read a really good book but that is kind of depressing, how can I stop other depressing events from manifesting in my day?

Now that I write it I guess it sounds kind of lame surrendering your whole existence to your thoughts and that feeling of being powerless just doesn't feel right. Then gain, it's the belief in the strength of this Law of Attraction that got me, and maybe you too, here in the first place. And according to those who have spoken on this topic before, and I believe them now, the Law is in effect anyway whether we believe it or not.

I feel myself slowing down and starting to intellectualize things too much, so I'll try to get myself back in the zone that started me on this post.

Our thoughts are the seed, the starting point of manifesting our very lives around us.
Control our thoughts and hold onto and focus on positive thoughts, the thoughts of what we want our lives to be and we shall have it.
How to enjoy great art, that could provoke undesirable thoughts, or bring to the forefront of our minds images of things we do not want in our actual lives?
The answer I am thinking of is that those, and i hope I can count myself one of them, who have the fortitude of mind to hold onto their desirable thoughts in a conscious manner, should be able, through that same power of mind, to enjoy art, assimilate it, and distill it and transform the experience of that art, even it at the moment it was not in line with their desirable thoughts and translate that experience in and of itself into something that fits with their own narrative.

I trust that if you were supposed to read this and if it arrived in your life at the right time that you will take away from it what you need.

Note: After I finished writing the original post and as I was googling a picture (the one I used at the top here) to add to my post (I hope this is not infringement or anything) I came across a YouTube video that talks about why The Secret aka The Law of Attraction is bullshit. First, for me, I believe that the fact that I found that video before I publish this post and how it drove me to add this note and the update above speaks more in favour of The Secret than anything else. The video and probably anyone else who argues that this is "bullshit" in my opinion has understood it in not quite the right way. It's not about ignoring your problems or burying your head in the sand or not going to a doctor because you can think your way into better health. No, it's just like the saying of Prophet Mohamed that I quoted at the top "Prepare and then have faith". I really don't think I can make it any clearer so I'll stop right here.

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